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The Toothbrush Teether

My mission is to design a product that makes daily routines just a little easier for parents with a new baby. The goal for this product was to combine a baby’s need for teething and chewing on items with a simple daily routine of brushing the baby’s teeth.

toothbrush teether model 2
toothbrush teether final model
toothbrush teether model 1

Form Iterations



Pastel Green

RGB: 159, 226, 125

CMYK: 30, 0, 45, 11

Hex: #9fe27d


Pastel Yellow

RGB: 238, 218, 88

CMYK: 0, 8, 63, 7

Hex: #eeda58p


Pastel Pink

RGB: 228, 131, 172

CMYK: 0, 43, 25, 11

Hex: #e483ac


A food-grade silicone that has a safe finish for babies to chew on for long periods of time.


The finish would be matte to give a smooth look to eminate a calming energy.

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