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Animotions teaches children ages five to six how to creatively express and identify emotions. This game combines the familiar concept of animals with the less familiar concept of emotions. Children should feel comfortable learning and expressing emotions in a fun and safe environment.

animotions graphics
animotions in context

How to Play

1. Choose a player to act first. The players will rotate clockwise to determine the order following the first player.

2. The acting player will spin both wheels with the handle cranks to randomly generate an animal and an emotion.

3. The acting player will act out the animal that was spun feeling the emotion that was spun through noises and actions, but NO WORDS!!

4. Other players will try to guess which animal AND which emotion is being acted out.

5. If the other players guess the correct pair, the acting player will receive a point and sit down. The next player in the circle will come up and spin the wheels.

*The first player to ten points wins the game!*

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