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Onward Bike

Ashley Darling, Caroline Hammond, Taylor Hicks, John Hill, and Virginia Schreiber

Onward is a beach cleanup e-bike that strives to gamify the trash pickup process on beaches for organizations. It allows for better tracking of items that are cleaned up through the use of object recognition and counting technology. The electric capacity and extended wheel base help the large frame to move with ease through rough terrain such as sand, rocks, etc. 

For journey map, man walking bike 1.png


mind mapping


As a class, we created a mindmap potential areas where an E-bike could be applied. Our team was specifically interested in the opportunities of Fieldwork, including Park Cleanup, Beach Cleanup, Farming, and Gardening/Landscape.

We defined a Fieldworker as:

"a professional who performs a majority of their tasks in an outdoor setting"

“Unifies and celebrates the coastal areas of Alabama” When asked the importance of doing beach clean up
Aubrey Bianco - Alabama Coastal Cleanup
“When people feel safe and clean, it brings people closer together and revenue for the city”
Milton Jones
“Beautification sells it short.”
John Butler, Gwinnett County
“Heavy and uncomfortable, it’s just...part of the job”
Chacko Thomas - KeyStone Land Surveying
“Channeling angry energy from newfound awareness of ‘so much trash’ into something productive”
Tybee beach cleanup
“litter cleanup is vital to see community and behavior changes, We can’t teach this, you have to experience.” Hannah - Alabama pals

Affinity Mapping

We sorted our thoughts into different categories and then chose the three main areas we wanted to highlight in our project. 

From here we created our North Star poster which guided the direction for our bike design.

affinity map
north star poster
form concepts

Form Iterations

form development


brand guidelines

True Black

R - 0

G - 0

B - 0

hex #000000

Bright White

R- 211

G - 201

B - 194

hex #ffffff

Freedom Blue

R - 0

G - 152

B - 210

hex #0098d2

brand guidelines
onward bike exploded view

Exploded View

Future Forms

future forms, mounting
future forms, landscaping
future forms, landscaping
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