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Injury Guard

Injury Guard is an app that connects to a flexible tape that tracks health of bones, tendons, and muscles during activity for athletes during injury recovery. The app reports live tracking for athletic trainers to see real time interactions of the athlete’s injury. 


This includes scans of the body parts that the tape is placed on, personalized profiles for each athlete, real time chats with the university doctor, and easy access to emergency contacts and locations.

Trend Research

wearable technology

physical wellness

athlete safety

87% of athletes worry about reinjury when returning to play.
87% of athletes play through pain at level 6 or higher at some point in their career. 
99.9% of athletes play through some level of pain during their career. 
91% of athletes play through a known injury. 
66% of athletes play cautious due to this fear.
83% worry about crossing the line between safe pain and further injury.

Our Mission

InjuryGuard can improve both athletes’ and trainers’ lives. The impact of live tracking on injuries will allow athletes to have peace of mind when training since they will know if they are further injuring themselves or safely pushing through pain. Trainers will also feel more at ease knowing they are keeping their athletes from pushing themselves too far. InjuryGuard will overall help athletes train smarter and safer.

How It Works

The athlete will apply the tape, sync it with the app, and then they are good to exercise/practice as normal. The app will alert the user or trainer if/when the user pushes through their pain to the point where they are at risk for further injury. The app will then assess the state of the user’s injured body part and suggest treatment options. Some examples of these options may be ice, rest, following up with a trainer, going to the doctor for further assessment.

            InjuryGuard will be waterproof and allow for the user to move around like normal. This product would be able to accurately detect ligament/tendon tears, stress fractures, muscle health, etc. This will allow athletes to continue to practice without fear of crossing the fine line that is pushing through pain versus pushing through injuring oneself further.





The base font for this brand is Silom, specifically the regular version of this font. This font will not be used in italic, bold, or light.

Brand Colors

Primary Color

RGB: 243, 207, 179

CMYK: 5, 18, 24, 0


Pantone 475 C

Secondary Colors

RGB: 231, 183, 138

CMYK: 7, 26, 44, 0

HEX: # E7B78A

Pantone 720 C

RGB: 197, 139, 104

CMYK: 16, 45, 58, 3

HEX: # C58B68

Pantone 7515 C

RGB: 123, 77, 53

CMYK: 36, 66, 81, 25

HEX: #7B4F37

Pantone 7488 C

The App

This brand strives to close the gap between practicing in pain and completely stopping activity for an injury. This is unique since there is not any way of tracking currently that allows injuries to be detected before or monitored live throughout recovery. The app user will be able to label the device when paired. For example: "Myah – back.” This will allow trainers to track multiple athletes at once.

The app includes a chat feature to connect directly with university or organization doctors for feedback on the scans from activity as well as the ability for trainers to implement notes for each athlete on their training and recovery. It also includes easy access to emergency services with it's one click direct to 911 and a page with other resources listed.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 1.27.37 AM.png


For this commercial Injury Guard strives to show how truly common season ending injuries are for professional and collegiate athletes. We want to demonstrate how many of these injuries could have been either prevented with accurate monitoring of the body part that was already bothering the athlete, or speed up recovery times with active tracking to help them get back to their game without fear of reinjury. 

Next Steps

Further research on mini ultrasound technology to be embedded in fabric

Tape and UI customization for school and organizations with both being available in a wide range of colors and allowing for the addition of a logo

Work with engineers to create prototypes of the tape to test the revolutionary mini technology

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