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Glamour Grip

Glamour Grip is an accessory for makeup brushes to help those with limited mobility in their hands have a better grip on their brushes and other makeup tools. The set comes with 8 attachments with varying center sizes and ridges to allow for multiple gripping points.

Glamour Grip strives to improve disability inclusion in the cosmetic area and allow everyone to look good and feel good.

glamour grip stack
"I feel more confident when I put myself together"
"It's hard to be precise when handles are so small"
"I just avoid certain steps all together because it's not worth the hassle"
"Half the battle is getting my hand steady enough to bring it to my face"
"I'm losing motivation to put myself together as I get older from the pain, but I feel like I'm losing a part of myself"
"Screw off tops are the worst...I can never seem to get a good hold on them"

Form Iterations

After conducting interviews, it made the most sense to develop an attachment for makeup tools to allow for the widest range of use. The next question to answer was what shape and size would achieve the user's needs while also fitting a wide variety of hand sizes. Getting the prototypes into users hands was key on deciding on Concept B to pursue for the product form. 

form concepts
cutaway view


In production, this product would be made with injection molded silicone to allow for ample stretch to fit the widest variety of makeup tools as possible. This material would also be key in allowing for some cushion in grip to increase comfort for users who already have pain with gripping. For the scope of this project, the prototypes were made by 3D printing with TPU to give some stretch to the models.

To allow for stretch, the inner hole was lined with ridges so the material could flex and condense to adapt to different size tools. 

overall poster
small brush

How It Works

The user will find the right size attachment for the tool they're using, and slide it until tight on the handle. Glamour Grip will be locked on and all ready for use.

To remove the attachment the user will gently twist and pull. Since most brushes are tapered, it will loosen easily after the first initial twist. Once removed the attachment can be washed with soap and water or returned to its holder ready for its next use. 

The attachments can also be put on the top of screw containers to help grip and remove the top more easily. 

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